FLYVOS.COM - TERMS OF USE portal is an online portal for airline tickets distribution, Vase Pelagica 24, 18000 Nis VAT identification number 111148364. When making bookings for an airline ticket, you are making a travel contract with an airline company, while the portal is the intermediary. is the intermediary in the distribution of airline tickets, with companies with whom it has contracts of mutual cooperation. The portal terms refer to the intermediary activity of By confirming the ticket reservation and checking the box to accept the terms of use, you agree with the following terms: Airline ticket is a document that is not transferable to another person. The flight segments (coupons) must be used according to the itinerary indicated in the travel plan on the airline ticket. Each airline ticket is the subject to specific rules of the airline. The terms applied are the terms of the carrier's tariffs that were valid on the day of an airline ticket purchase.



Reservations made with portal as an intermediary include reservations made:

The request for making reservations through all three cases is binding for the user. Reservations which are not made on the website may have a variation in price. If you make a reservation of airline tickets online on, at Step 2 Delivery and payment (the last step) you decide how you want to pay your airline tickets:

  1. Only reservation, payment on the same day.
    After completing an online reservation, you will receive a  reservation confirmation with payment instructions. After paying an airline ticket through the Bank account (the commission of the Bank goes to your charge) the electronic card will be sent to you by email on the same day, after the payment is completed.
  2. Electronic airline ticket, immediate payment with debit cards. The electronic ticket will be issued and sent by email as soon as reservation and charging are finished. After reserving the ticket and choosing Visa, MasterCard, or American Express card, you will be redirected to Banca Intesa security website where you will make the payment. By the end of the day of the purchase, after the completed transaction, you will receive your electronic ticket on your email address.
  3. Payment with a business account. It is necessary to fill out the company's information so we can send you a pro forma invoice. After the payment, by the end of the working day, the airline ticket will be sent to the email address you provided when booking. Ticket payment is on the day of the reservation. The airline tickets are bought the same day. The price is guaranteed only on the day of the completed reservation. If you made a payment after 16h/on the weekend/during holidays or if you want to accelerate the process of ticket issuing, it is mandatory for you to send us a confirmation of the payment, to email address or send a confirmation photo to the Viber/Whatsapp number +381 62 55 99 66.

If a passenger makes double reservations of their reservations on several portals or tourist agencies, airlines are allowed to cancel all passenger's reservations.  For those reasons, we ask all the passengers to please make only one ticket reservation. If a passenger wants portal agent to make for him/her an airline ticket reservation, a passenger needs to provide an email address where we can send him/her a confirmation of the airline ticket reservations, conditions and the deadline for the payment. By paying the airline tickets, the passenger confirms the accuracy of those tickets. With the completed payment, the passenger confirms the accuracy of information on the tickets. For all the information given orally, we shall not be held responsible. Only the information given in writing is valid. By paying the airline tickets, you confirm that the information on the reservation is correct. After registration of your payment, the electronic ticket will be sent to your email address. If you do not receive your ticket on the day you made your payment, you are obliged to notify the seller by 19:00h, by email or by calling the customer center +381 62 55 99 66. If you do not do that, it may happen that the very next day airline cancels your reservation, or change the ticket price, and it would be necessary to make additional payment.



The buyer is obliged to, before any payment method, check the ticket reservation that he/she received on their email address (passengers' names and surnames, the date and time of the flight as well as the destination, etc.) and only afterward makes a payment according to received payment instructions. If any irregularity or mistake is noticed, the customer is obliged to react immediately so that the error can be corrected instantly. If an error is noticed after the issuance of the ticket, all the costs of the changes are borne by the buyer. If the buyer makes a payment without any notice of error, it is considered that he agrees with all the information in the reservation and that all these information are correct, the tickets with such information are sent to the user by email. The main basis for the issuance of airline tickets is the entry of a reservation code in a call to the number upon payment. The trader does not ask whether a passenger makes a payment as a natural person or someone makes a payment on his behalf. portal cannot guarantee that correcting an error on the reservation will be possible without any extra costs, even if the passenger has notified the agency in a timely manner. Most service providers do not allow any corrections after the reservation is completed. Delayed error report or impossibility of correction, does not provide the right for withdrawal from contracts.



Sending all changes/cancellation/ booking notices and the entire communication between the trader and the customer (site visitor) are made exclusively via an email address that the customer enters during the reservation process. The trader does not take any measures on his own without a written response and notice from the buyer. The buyer is obliged to respond to the seller's request in the fastest possible time. The email address the seller uses for communication is In the event of any changes made by the service provider in relation to the travel of the user (flight delay or cancellation) portal will attempt to contact the user by phone or email. Portal does not bear any liability in the event of delays or cancellations of companies' flights. The service provider proclaims the business conditions for which the user is responsible, for example, the conditions that are set by airline companies concerning the check-in time, maximum baggage weight. The user can be informed about these terms and conditions by the service provider via email



Payment from Serbia

Payment slip/transfer order via bank account, online with debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, and American Express)
Payment is only in local currency RSD

Payment by payment slip or transfer order (as a natural person or a legal entity)

Purpose of payment: Purchase of tickets
Account of the creditor - receiver: 160-525650-55

After the payment for the airline ticket is completed, we will send your electronic ticket and the receipt to your email address.

International payments

Online payments by Debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, and American Express).

The money is charged from your card, it is done by an airline company, and it can happen that:

  • your type of card is not applicable to the airline you use
  • you have a contract with a bank about billing in EUR (for foreign companies)
  • the bank withdraws more or less money due to oscillation of the money exchange rate



An electronic ticket is a contract of transport between passengers and carriers. The electronic card is non-transferable. Name and surname of passengers can not be replaced. The passenger will not be allowed to travel unless he shows his personal identification documents valid for travel and if no valid electronic ticket is issued on his behalf. Each airline ticket is valid for one year, starting from the date of the trip, or if no part of the ticket has been used, from the date of its issuance, unless it is not otherwise stated in the ticket, by the conditions of transportation or the regulations of the carrier.



The ticket purchased by the passenger is valid only for the transport indicated on the ticket, from the place of departure through all planned stopping points to the final destination. The price of the airfare paid by the traveler is based on specific rates and refers to the transport indicated on the ticket. The airline ticket will not be taken into account and it will not be valid if all coupons of the airline ticket are not used in the order in which they are placed in the airline ticket.



Tariffs are applied for the transportation from the airport of the departure point to the airport of the place of final destination unless it is otherwise indicated. Tariffs do not include ground transport between the airports, nor between the airport and the terminal in town. The price of the airline ticket paid by the traveler is calculated according to the airline's tariffs valid on the day of payment for a trip according to the itinerary indicated on the airline ticket, and the service tax for issuing an electronic ticket. Service fees for issuing are 750RSD per ticket. The airline ticket price is only guaranteed at the time of reservation. The airline has the right to change tariffs or airport taxes at any time. The portal does not bear any responsibility for changing tariffs or airport taxes.



Debit card payment is possible with most airlines. The airline sets the conditions as to which cards can be used for payments. Once you have completed the payment by debit card, it will not be automatically charged. After the reservation is verified by an agent, the airline ticket will be issued. After the ticket  reservation, check your email. If you do not have enough funds on the card, the reservation will not be made and you will be notified about this via email. Debit cards can be rejected for a number of reasons. The portal reserves the right to require additional information from you, to ensure the validity and ownership of the debit card you are using for the purchase. The portal also reserves the right not to accept a transaction with debit cards that do not comply with the security regulations, or for which the buyer is not able to prove ownership. In this case, you will be notified, when making a reservation, that your debit card does not meet the requirements and the reserved amount will be exempted. For more information about debit cards, you can call our call center: +381 62 55 99 66.



All reservations made through are active and guaranteed by the end of the day. If a reservation has a shorter limit for the realization, portal is obliged to notify you immediately after the reservation has been made, about the possible variation.



If the method of ticket payment is in cash or through the account, the currency of payment is dinar. The amount for which your debit card will be charged, will be expressed in your local currency through conversion at the rate used by card organizations, and which is not known to us at the time of the transaction. As a result of this conversion, there is a possibility of an insignificant difference from the original price listed on our site.



If the airline allows, portal will make a reservation of the seat in the airplane at the client's request. The portal is not able to guarantee the passenger that he/she will be sitting at the selected place. The airline holds the right to change the seat arrangement, even after boarding the plane. This may be needed for operational, medical, safety or security reasons.



The flight registration deadlines vary, depending on the airport. It is necessary that the passenger inquires about these deadlines and to adhere to them. Airlines have the right to cancel a passenger reservation if he/she does not comply with deadlines for checking-in. The traveler is obliged to inquire about the deadlines for checking-in at the airport. Deadlines for check-in for all airlines in Belgrade is 2 hours. At some airports, it is necessary to be earlier at the airport, especially if you are at an airport for the first time, and you need more time to check-in.

The passenger must be present in the boarding area at the latest by the time their airline company stated during the flight check-in. The airline has the right to cancel passenger's reservation if the passenger does not appear at the boarding gate on time.



Each airline has the right to refuse the transport of any passenger or passenger baggage due to flight safety or in its discretion. In this case, the passenger will not be entitled to refund the paid airline tickets. The airline has the right to refuse to accept the luggage if it considers it is not adequately and safely packed in the appropriate packaging.



When baggage is handed over to a check-in that is treated as handed over baggage at the airport, the airline will receive it and issue a coupon pendant for each piece of baggage delivered at the airport. The baggage must be marked with a label containing the passenger's name and other personal information. The checked baggage will, wherever possible, be transported by the same airplane that the passenger is traveling by, unless the airline decides that, for safety or operational reasons, the baggage should be transported by another airplane. If you travel by only one airline to your final destination, your luggage will be checked all the way through. If you use two different airlines in one airline ticket, and if it is agreed between the carriers that your baggage is checked all the way through, and if you do not make a stopover longer than 24 hours, your baggage will be checked until your final stop. Otherwise, it is necessary to retrieve and recheck the luggage at the place of stopover. Airlines and a portal is not liable for any loss or expenses that may be incurred by the passenger because they did not comply with the provisions of this article. The portal is not obliged to inform passengers about mutual agreements of the airlines about checking baggage.



The released flight schedule may be changed in the interval from the date of announcement to the date of travel. Portal does not guarantee the airline's released flight schedule. Flight schedule is subject to change. There is the possibility of a change in the timetable after the airline ticket is issued. The passengers need to leave their valid and available contact information so that we can notify them of any changes. If delay or cancellation of the flight occurs maximum 24 hours before the date of travel, during call center business hours of, our call center will contact and inform the passenger or the buyer of the thicket about possible changes/cancellations. After informing the client of the change or cancellation of the airline ticket, the agents of the portal will do everything in their power to, with airplane approval, replace changed flights for flights that correspond to a passenger. If none of the proposed flights complies with the passenger, portal will follow the instructions of the airline company. If an airline cancels or moves a flight schedule on the day of the trip, a couple of hours before the trip, the passenger will be informed about flight schedule on the airport, by the airline. For all questions at the airport, the passenger is obliged to contact the airline that will inform them of the change of flight schedule or cancellation of the airline ticket, and finding the best option for a passenger at a given moment. If a strike of an airline company occurs, the passenger is obliged to contact the airline so that the airline company would transfer them to the first available flight to the desired destination. All complaints and damage reimbursements the passenger wants to claim for a delay or flight cancellation, the passenger is obliged to contact the airline directly.



When processing debit card transactions via an electronic store, the dealer redirects the customer to the bank where secured card data is entered by the user. In this way, the following goals are achieved:

  1. The Bank develops new Payment Gateway functionality and aligns existing with the requirements of Visa, MasterCard, and American Express, enabling the retailer to focus on the core business.

The page to which the customer is redirected to when making a payment is called Hosted Payment Page (HPP).



On behalf of the site, we commit to protecting the privacy of all our customers. We collect only necessary, basic information about customers/users of the website and data necessary for business and informing the users, in accordance with business practices and in order to provide quality service. We give customers the ability to decide whether or not they want to be deleted from the mailing lists used for marketing campaigns. All customer/user data is safely stored and accessible only to portal employees, to whom these data are essential for doing business. All employees in Flyvos company and on the website are responsible for respecting the privacy principles.



When entering debit card information at, confidential information is transmitted via the public network in a protected (encrypted) form using the SSL protocol and PKI system, as currently most contemporary cryptographic technology. Data security during the purchase is guaranteed by the debit card processor, Banca Intesa ad Belgrade, so the complete charging process is carried out on the bank's web pages. Debit card data are not available to our system at any moment.



During the purchase or during the use of our services or services, we may ask for your personal information on passengers.

We can ask for your personal information in the following cases:

  • when buying an airline ticket
  • during online registration of the user account
  • when participating in surveys and questionnaires
  • when establishing contact via web page
  • when participating in other activities of the portal



The collected information is used in the following cases:

  • filling out forms in ticket reservations or information
  • providing customer service
  • conducting research and analysis
  • sending information for marketing purposes
  • performing other business activities



If you provide us with information about other people or if other people provide information about you, they will be used for the purposes for which they were provided. As an example of this type of information, we can specify the address of a friend to which the airline ticket will be delivered.



Flyvos does not sell or rent your personal information to third parties. Flyvos may have the need to forward information to certain third parties, such as airlines or other representatives acting on our behalf. This action can be taken in the following cases:

  • issuing airline tickets
  • processing debit card payments
  • sending marketing notices
  • delivery of airline tickets via email
  • maintenance of a member club
  • performance of user services
  • conducting research, analysis or other inquiries
  • sending regular mail or email messages

Flyvos will eventually be compelled to forward personal information to judicial authorities, by court order, judicial investigators or otherwise as required by law. We also reserve the right to report to the investigating authorities, any activity we may consider illegal. The possibility of not accepting marketing activities once we collect your information, we can send you marketing notices containing offers, various promotions, etc. You have the option of not accepting future marketing notifications of portal at any time. To stop receiving marketing notices, please take one of the following options:

  • Follow the instructions for unsubscribing in the received marketing notices sent from us
  • Via Call Center by phone number +381 62 55 99 66



For every online shopping via the Internet, security measures and reasonable precautions are applied in order to prevent loss, abuse and unauthorized access to your personal information under our control. can not provide or guarantee the security of any data being transmitted through email, so you do that at your own risk. Since the security of your personal information is a high priority, a number of actions have been taken to ensure reliable, accurate and secure data transfer. In order to raise the level of security, when creating a user account on our website, you need to select a personal passcode that should contain 6 to 30 characters, including a combination of letters and numbers. You're personally responsible for preserving the secrecy of your passcode or user account information.



All payments will be made in the local currency of the Republic of Serbia - dinar (RSD). For information display of prices in other currencies, we use exchange rates defined by IATA. The amount that will be charged from your debit card will be expressed in your local currency through a conversion at the rate used by card organizations, which is not known to us at the time of the transaction. As a result of this conversion, there is a possibility that the price will be slightly different from the original price stated on our website.



In the case of a service return and a refund of funds to a customer who has previously paid by one of the debit cards, partially or in total, and regardless of the reason for the return, is obliged to make a refund exclusively through VISA, MasterCard, American Express and payment methods, which means that the bank will make a refund at the request of the seller, to the account of the card user.

In case of cancellation, change or partial cancellation of a specific reservation, travel or other

product or service made by the user through the website, the agency mediation fee will not be refunded.

In case the passenger decides to cancel the flight, voluntarily quit the journey, the refund is made according to the tariff conditions contained in the purchased ticket. The passenger was acquainted with the conditions before the online purchase of the airline ticket or notified about them by email if the reservation is made by email or orally.

In case of force majeure and non-voluntary departure from a trip due to a cancellation of the airline's flight, the refund is performed under the conditions of the airline the passenger uses. The sales site does not bear responsibility and financial compensation if the airline decides not to return the money to the traveler. Refunds for the tickets paid online is done exclusively via VISA, MasterCard and American Express payment methods, which means that the bank will, at the seller's request, make the refund to the account of the card user.



General refund for airline tickets

Portal Flyvos will make a refund for the purchased airline ticket or unused portion of the ticket according to the applicable tariff rules. When reserving airline tickets online, the traveler is obliged to read and accept the refund conditions of the airline ticket so that the reservation can be made. Refund for purchased airline tickets is made exclusively at the place where the airline ticket is purchased, and by the conditions provided for a specific tariff (depending on the tariff, the refund may be full, with the penalty payment, or can not be executed). In the case of flight cancellation by the airline company, the ticket fully refunded. In every other case of a refund, fee for ticket issuing can not be refunded. In case of a money refund, a fee for issuing airline tickets is not refundable. The refund fee that will be charged to you by is 20 Eur per ticket.

In case you want to cancel a certain reservation, it is necessary that you inform us about this in writing, on our email address: In the case of  a refund of funds to the buyer who previously paid by one of the debit cards, partially or in total, and regardless of the reason for the return, is obliged to make a refund exclusively through VISA, Master and American Express payment method, which means that the bank will make a refund to the account of debit card user, at the request of the seller.

Refund guarantee

Flyvos guarantees that the customer will be refunded partially or in full for a canceled contract, under the terms of the airline company (with which the traveler has agreed and was familiar with before the conclusion of the contract) and the Flyvos business conditions which are listed in this document, directly on the debit card, in cash, current account or company account (depending on the payment method).



If the payment of airline tickets was:

  1. In cash - the refund is made 48 hours from the moment of the request (non-working days do not count)
  2. Through the account - refund 48 hours from the moment of the request (not entering the non-working days)
  3. By debit card - The deadline for the money refund on the credit card is up to 90 days



The portal has the right to refuse to make a refund, in cases where the request for the refund is filled out after the expiration date of the ticket.



The purchased airline ticket is refunded exclusively to the ticket buyer. The refund will be made in the same payment method in which the airline ticket is paid.



Changing the travel date is done at the place where the airline ticket was purchased or in the airline company whose ticket was issued.

The request to change the date of the purchased airline ticket can only be: written by email from the ordering party.

The portal will change the ticket dates according to the current tariff rules. Portal's fee for issuing a new changed electronic airline ticket is 20 euros per ticket.

If a passenger wants to cancel a trip or change dates on tickets, he/she needs to contact us in writing on email

The passenger is obliged to pay penalties for changing the airline tickets, under the conditions defined by the Airline, which the passenger is obliged to read when booking airline tickets.



Complaints about purchasing an airline ticket and refund are made according to the tariff terms contained in the purchased ticket, and a refund granted by the airline. The passenger is acquainted with the tariff terms before the online purchase of an airline ticket.



A passenger whose handed in baggage on an airport has not reached the final destination, reports a loss of baggage to a service office (LOST LUGGAGE / LOST BAGGAGE / LOST AND FOUND). The passenger who reports baggage loss must show the airline ticket containing the baggage tags of the baggage that has been handed over. Tags on the ticket are sealed by the airline staff who register flight passengers. This tag, due to baggage handling or weather conditions, may be damaged or fall off and get lost, which causes baggage going to the wrong place. The sorting of baggage is carried out manually by airport staff on the basis of bag tags, and there is always a possibility that the baggage will be placed on the “wrong” baggage carousel, as a result of human error, and go to the unwanted destination.

The search for lost luggage is the responsibility of airport services. The transportation of baggage is electronically monitored. Every baggage that has been handed in has a tag which contains destination, as well as a bar code through which the information about its owner and itinerary can be checked. When a baggage gets lost and appears at some other airport, it is registered and, with detailed descriptions, entered into an electronic database where it can be found by those who are in charge of it at the airport where his loss was reported. Damaged baggage, or possible theft of its contents, must also be reported with the form at the same service office.

Lost baggage is found in most cases within 24 hours, and it rarely happens to occur later.

Located baggage is sent by a first flight to the final destination, where it is usually delivered to the passenger at his home address, hotel or place of residence.

Most airlines reimburse unplanned costs of buying the necessary clothing if the passenger is left without baggage for a few days. Airlines only make this reimbursement if the passenger with no baggage remains in a destination that is not his place of residence. Airlines themselves determine the amount of money refund and accept only reasonable expenses.

Lost baggage can be tracked over the internet. The tracking system of lost baggage is known as "Worldtracer" and with its help, passengers of about forty of the world's largest airline companies can find their own lost suitcase. On the website, you need to enter the surname of the passenger and the reference number that can be found on a baggage tag sealed on the ticket. The portal is not responsible for the loss or damage of baggage.

All Airline Companies have different terms regarding baggage allowed on a particular flight, as well as on the payment of baggage excess. The passenger is obliged to be acquainted and to comply with the rules of Airline Companies in a timely manner.



Passengers are obliged to obtain the necessary travel documents and visas and to comply with the laws, regulations, statutes, conditions and travel rules of countries to/from which they travel and through which they transit. is not responsible for the consequences which a passenger suffers if he/she does not obtain the relevant documents or visas and if he/she does not comply with the mentioned laws, regulations, statutes, requirements, conditions, rules and instructions.



The passport control staff has the discretion to refuse entry to the country if you do not own the necessary documents or do not have the required visa.

However, even if you have a visa and a valid passport, you may be denied entry into the country on the basis of a free assessment of the employee, if you do not seem trustworthy.

Officials can ask passengers for other documents, as well as money, for inspection. This is a common case with citizens of Serbia, European immigration authorities pay special attention to them due to a large number of false asylum seekers.

People who were deported back to Serbia after they were staying in another country after being denied a request for asylum, can apply for help to the readmission office upon arrival at the Belgrade airport.

Additional documents that may be requested when entering the European Union countries are road trip health insurance for the planned period of stay, return airline ticket, invitation letter, sufficient funds. The amount of funds depends on the state but it usually varies from 35 to 50 euros per day of stay.



The passenger is obliged, if requested, to attend inspection of his own baggage by customs or other state authorities. Airlines, or the Portal, are not liable for loss or damage the passenger suffered during the mentioned inspection, or due to non-compliance with the stated rules.



The portal has the right to refuse reservations when the user violates the portal's terms of use. The portal has the right to cancel the reservation of the passenger who wanted to pay the reservation online by debit card if it considers that the transaction can be disputed.



The passenger is required to have valid travel documents. Invalid travel documents, because of which a passenger can not continue the trip, can not produce any harmful consequences for the portal The passenger is responsible for getting a visa. In case the passenger does not obtain a visa, the refusal of the Embassy is not considered a reason for a refund of the paid airline tickets. The portal is not responsible in the case of police, customs or other state authorities preventing the passenger from entering a particular country.



The passenger is obliged to comply with the foreign currency and customs regulations of the Republic of Serbia, and other states to which he/she is traveling. The passenger is obliged to be informed about the health regulations of the countries and, if necessary, obtain the necessary health care document (certificate of vaccination, etc.). In case of violation of foreign currency, customs or health regulations, all costs for travel discontinuation are borne by the passenger himself.


USER’S RESPONSIBILITIES users guarantee that all the information on the reservation is correct. It is forbidden and punishable to use the portal for fraud, unnecessary reservations, etc.



Information and data about offered services and products on the website are provided by each service provider individually. The portal does everything in its power to review the information that is published in order to avoid possible mistakes and inaccuracies. The portal does not guarantee the correctness, accuracy, completeness, and actuality of such information. Portal is not responsible for the unavailability of a service or product on the booking date, or for the fulfillment of the contract with the service provider. In no case, portal is not responsible for the actions, errors, omissions, warranties, misdemeanors or rejections of a particular service provider, or for injury, death, destruction of assets, or other losses or damages, money refunds and costs that may arise from the connection with the operation and use of the website, and information, products and services offered by each service provider, and/or unauthorized third party intervention related to products or services or information available on this website.

The portal does not bear any liability and will not compensate for the damage caused by the delay, canceling, overbooking, strike, force majeure or for any other reason that is not in its direct control. Besides, it has no obligation to compensate for the occurrence of any additional costs, omissions, delays, route changes, or related to the operation of any state authority. The portal will do everything for the proper functioning of the portal but does not guarantee the proper functioning and setting up of the program (software), and does not guarantee that the functioning of the portal will be uninterrupted and protected from viruses and other similar occurrences. All this is also applicable for information found on this website and provided by third parties.



Use of the website should be solely for legal purposes and done in a legal way so that it does not restrict or prevent its use by third parties. The user is obliged to use the website in accordance with the law, moral norms and present regulations, and not to perform actions or make any omissions that might cause damage or malfunction in the functioning of the website, have the effect or jeopardize the service provision that is provided by By using this website, the user guarantees that he is at least 18 years old and fulfills legal terms for using this website. The user is obliged to supervise and take responsibility for every use of a website by minors, that is performed on the user's behalf or for his account. The user also guarantees the accuracy and completeness of all information and data relating to the user, or family members to which the right to use this website is transferred. Any reservation made for profitable, manipulative purposes, or for the purpose of fraud, or in the case when it aims to increase demand, is prohibited. The possibility of reserving services or products through this website can only be used when making legitimate reservations and purchases on behalf of the user, or in relation to other persons, in the name and for the account of which he has the right to act. The user agrees that the abuse of services of may result in the user blocking, and the user will no longer be able to access website services.

Limitation of Liability

The Internet portal will not be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, consequential losses or damages of any kind because of the use of this website or any information it contains.



Copyrights and all other protected rights relating to the website, belong to Flyvos. The website content is solely owned by Flyvos, unless the third party's property is unambiguously stated. Commercial name, as well as all trademarks, logos and graphic design shown on this website, are owned by Flyvos or third parties.

Any kind of copying, distribution, transfer, processing, resale, the creation of derivative works, or misleading the public regarding the actual service provider contained on this website, are forbidden. Any reproduction, redistribution, loading, publishing, duplication or transmission, or any other use of content, in any way or by any means for commercial or other purposes, may be carried out only with the prior permission from Flyvos agency or another copyright holder.



Legislation applicable in relations between the website user and Flyvos portal is exclusively Serbian legislation with the exception of regulations deriving from international private law. Responsible courts in the Republic of Serbia are to settle disputes that may arise between the parties. Flyvos agency has the right to change and update at any time, and/or renew the stated business conditions related to the use of the website, and which will be effective in the following period, without the obligation to inform the user about this. The website will apply the general business conditions that are in effect at that moment. By continuing to use the website, after the changes and additions to the general business conditions, it is considered that the user has accepted the changes. The validity of stated conditions may be limited by the possible contrary business conditions of the user. Changes and additions of these conditions are valid only when they have been agreed upon with a legal representative of Flyvos agency. Modifications and amendments to these conditions, as well as additional contracts,  should be drawn up in writing. Sending files via email has the same significance in relations between parties as the written document.



A VAT is not paid on international airline tickets. and its legal entity will not take any financial liability in case of airlines' bankruptcy.



We paid great attention to protecting your personal data, i.e. the privacy and security of transactions.

Your name, e-mail, telephone number, and fax number, home address, and debit card number are required in the process of making the reservation.

When booking or buying air tickets through our website, email or phone, the data is registered, stored, and saved in our system. These data are exclusively used to facilitate the booking process, for administration and for analytics within our agency. Your data will in no case be given to anyone other than agencies and the companies we cooperate with, and which you have chosen, or are related to your transactions. Your data will be used to customize our offers and services to your interests. We will be free to deliver offers and other information that may be of interest to you. If you do not want to receive offers and insights into our services, you can notify us. Although your data is safe with us, due to various illegal software programs that appear daily, it is impossible to guarantee absolute security when transferring data via the internet, for that the user is solely responsible.



The internet portal reserves the right to change any information or material available on this website, at any time without explanation. may also modify these Terms and Conditions at any time, without prior notice, and such changes will become effective immediately upon publication on the website, and if you continue to use the website, it is considered that you have accepted them.


Customer service

Call center: +381 62 55 99 66

Business hours

Monday - Friday: 09:00 - 20:00
Saturday: 09:00 - 13:00
Sunday: Day off