How do I make a reservation and ticket payment?

Do I have to pay a ticket immediately after booking?

No, you do not need to pay a ticket immediately after booking. When making a reservation, you will receive payment instructions on your email, and the payment deadline is until midnight on the same day when the reservation was made. If you made a payment after 16h/on weekend/holiday, or you want to accelerate the process of issuing a ticket, please send us a confirmation of the payment to or send a confirmation photo to Viber/Whatsapp number +381 62 55 99 66.

If I make a reservation on weekend, outside business hours or during holidays?

If you made a payment after 16h/on weekend/holiday, or want to accelerate the process of issuing a ticket, please send us a confirmation of the payment to, or send a confirmation photo to Viber/Whatsapp number +381 62 55 99 66. We always have agents who follow the email until midnight, every day of the year. You can also send us an inquiry email outside the call center business hours.

How early do I need to be at the airport?

The recommended time is 2 hours before the flight. In that case, you have enough time to check in for the flight and check your baggage.

Where do I receive a plane ticket?

All airplane tickets are in electronic form and, after issuing it, we will send it to you on the email you listed during reservation.

Can pregnant women travel?

Of course, all pregnant women can travel up to 28 weeks of pregnancy. All pregnant women over 28 weeks of pregnancy must have a confirmation from the doctor that they do not have a risky pregnancy, and the confirmation should not be older than 7 days. In any case, the captain/pilot may refuse a pregnant woman to board the airplane at a free will. In this case, does not bear any responsibility.

Do children have a discount?

It depends. In some companies and on certain rates, children 2-12 years old have a discount. When tickets are on special offers, children do not have a discount.

What if my baggage get lost?

If the baggage does not arrive by your flight, it is necessary to report it to the lost & found service at the airport where you landed. It is necessary to describe your luggage and show a tag containing the number of baggage and flight numbers, as well as the address you want your baggage to be delivered to. According to the latest convention on baggage transportation, airline companies are obliged to make compensation for your loss, up to 20 dollars per one kilogram of luggage, if it is permanently lost. All details regarding lost or damaged luggage are discussed with the officers at the lost & found service. does not bear any costs or has any liability for lost or damaged baggage.

How do I refund the purchased ticket?

Every purchased ticket has its refund conditions, with which you have agreed upon the purchase. If you want to cancel the ticket, you can send us an email to asking us to cancel your ticket. Provide the following details from the ticket (PNR-reservation code, ticket number, and passenger's name and surname). The portal will not cancel your ticket if you have not agreed to the terms and confirmed in writing that you agree with refund and cancellation conditions.

How do I change the purchased ticket?

Each purchased ticket has its own terms of change with which you have agreed upon the purchase. If you want to change your ticket, please send us an email at and emphasize the reservation code, the number of the ticket, name and surname and date for which you want to change the ticket. agent will send you an offer with payment instructions. After the registered payment, agent of considers that you have agreed to the terms of the change, and will send you a new ticket to your email address.

Is it a problem if my name and surname do not appear on the ticket without the diacritics Č Ć Š Đ Ž?

If you enter the letters Č Ć Š Đ Ž during the reservation, the system recognizes the correction and inserts the letters without the diacritics into the ticket. Diacritics are not allowed on the ticket. Also, when booking, you can enter instead of Č - letter C instead of Š - letter S, instead of Đ - letter D, instead of Ž - letter Z.

Can somebody else travel instead of me?

No, the tickets are not transferable and it is not possible to change the name of the passenger on the ticket. There is a possibility of changing the name of the passenger in some low-cost companies, but in most cases buying a new ticket is more favorable than the name change fees.

What happens if my first flight is late and I can't arrive on time for the next connection?

Do not worry. If you have purchased an airline ticket for a connecting flight, the airline is obliged to change your ticket for free, for the first possible connection that corresponds to you. If the first next alternative is tomorrow, the airline will also provide you with accommodation. Be sure to check in at the airline company service whose airline ticket you own, at the airport where you have your next flight.

How much luggage can I bring?

Every airline has its own policy on the weight of hand luggage and checked luggage. Hand luggage can be 5/7/8/10/12 kg, with specific dimensions, while large checked luggage can be 20/23/30 kg or more, depending on the airline and destination. During the booking process, and on the airline ticket, you have information on how much luggage is allowed on your flight. If you have any ambiguities, please feel free to send us an email at

What can I pack in my hand luggage?

Passengers are permitted to bring on the plane one or two pieces of hand luggage, weighing up to 12 kg. This piece of hand luggage includes handbags, computer bags, etc. Travelers carrying more than one piece of hand luggage will not be permitted to pass passport control, and they will be required to return to the check-in desk, repackage or put off additional pieces of their hand luggage.

Rules for carrying liquid in hand luggage:

You can carry liquids and gels in l in your hand luggage, only in containers up to 100 m. You can carry more containers, but all of them must fit into one plastic transparent zip bag whose volume should not be greater than 1 liter. You can ask for these bags at the airport.

List of prohibited items in the passenger's hand luggage:

  • gun, firearms, and other devices that can fire projectiles

  • devices that may or may seem like they can be used to cause serious injuries by firing projectiles, including: firearms of all kinds such as pistols, revolvers, shotguns, toy guns, replicas and imitations of firearms that may be considered to be real, components of firearms, excluding telescopic sights, airguns and CO2 pistols, such as pellet pistols, rifles and revolvers, signal pistols and starter guns, bows, lightning rods and crossbows, harpoon and underwater rifles, small slings and catapults

  • stun devices are specially designed to disable or paralyze an opponent (attacker), including shock guns, stun guns, tasers and stun batons, devices for incapacitating and killing animals, chemicals for incapacitation, gases and sprays such as pepper spray, spray, tear gas, spray acid, animal repellent spray

  • objects with a sharp tip or sharp edges-objects with sharp tip or sharp edges that can be used to cause serious injuries, including: objects intended for cutting such as: axes and cleavers, ice axes and chisels, razors, packaging cutters, knives and blades longer than 6 cm, scissors with blades longer than 6 cm, measured from the end of the handles, martial arts equipment with a sharp tip or sharp edge, swords and sabres

  • a tool that can be used either to cause serious injury or to threaten the safety of aircraft, including: levers, drills and gimlets including cordless portable drills, tools with a blade or a holder longer than 6 cm that can be used as weapons, such as screwdriver and chisels, a saw, including a cordless portable saw, soldering iron, nail guns and staple guns

  • blunt objects that can cause serious injuries when used for hitting, including baseball and softball bats, rods and bats including various types of truncheons, leather lined bats, martial arts equipment

  • explosives and combustible materials and devices - explosives and flammable substances and devices which may or may appear to can be used to cause serious injury or to be seen as a threat to the safety of aircraft, including: ammunition, explosive capsules, detonators and fuses, replicas or imitations of explosive devices, mines, grenades and other explosive military devices, fireworks and other pyrotechnics, cocktail smoker boxes and cartridges, dynamite, gunpowder and plastic explosives

  • liquid, gels, and aerosols that are not packed in accordance with the limits and conditions for the allowed transfer of liquids, gels, and aerosols in hand luggage

Can a pet travel?

Of course it can. Almost every airline allows your dog or cat on a flight with you. The permissible weight is 10kg along with the carrier/cage. The price of a pet airline ticket depends on the destination and the airline company. All you need to do is send us a query at our email and we will send you all the necessary instructions. For the transport of pets, you must have all the proper vaccination certificates as well as the passport.